Ratio:   3 infants to 1 staff member
Age:     12 months to 20 months

Our babyroom is the only themed room in the creche displayed throughout our decor. We have aimed to make the room as comfortable and safe as possible for the babies without restricting them. We will nurture the infants developmental needs through stimulating their awareness of themselves and their environment.

Prior to your child commencing with us we will request a written routine which will include your baby's sleep and feeding patterns and therefore adjust the timetable as required.

The babyroom routine is not set in stone because a babyroom would simply not function well with so much structure. However we can specify some of the activities your baby will take part in throughout the day;

  • Floor toys
  • Activity mats
  • Books
  • Construction toys
  • Musical instruments and move to music
  • Sand/water play
  • Playdough
  • Mirror time
  • Walker time
  • Outdoor time

Each baby will have a care diary detailing your child's day while they have been with us; if a parent has information to pass on to the room leader they can do so in the care diary as well as verbally.

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